domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

Pain redefined

Shaking, burning up with the fever
In the realm of pain I am the deceiver
Now I lie to myself, so I can believe her
As she disassembles my life
I cannot dispel the illusion
All my hopes and dreams are drowned by confusion
Can I find a way to make a solution
That will reconfigure my life

And I know that stillness shatters
We have all been frightened by the sound
Of footsteps on the pavement of our lives
I stand and fight
I'm not afraid to die
יא אללה
Bury me tonight

Please believe me
That the world deceives me
Don't stand me up, just leave me
I have fallen again, this is the end
Pain redefined

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Nico Naranjo dijo...

Es maaazo de pro, julia. Me gusta el sombreado del pelo. Está todo muy conseguido ^^ Pero sigo sin saber que es el coso que le rodea jeje